Clark Custom Guns Ruger 10/22

Review by Scotty Gray

Clark Custom Guns Ruger 10/22

Clark Custom Guns Ruger 10/22

Clark Custom Guns has put together quite a list of great videos aimed at instructing and selling their fine Products. This one describes what you can do to your Ruger 10/22 rifle to make it much better. Or, on the other hand, what you can buy from Clark Custom to make your 10/22 much better.

Jim Clark takes you on a tour of what is done to each 10/22 they receive or build from the factory Ruger rifle. Trigger group, extractor, custom barrel with crown accuracizing are discussed. The hammer and trigger are modified to provide less trigger creep and just a hair less than a 3lb trigger pull. The bolt stop is modified to allow bolt pull back and release to move the bolt to battery rather that using the manual bolt release. Extractor is tempered and reformed to allow it to grab and extract a live round from the chamber where the round has its bullet embedded into the lands of the rifling. This is very important, especially if your going to use the custom barrel with its match grade chamber job. Clark sells complete customized 10/22’s from barrel to trigger, or you can send in yours and have a real trick .22 when it come back!

After the main show, they tell just a bit about the Clark Custom Guns. Then there’s quite a sales pitch on Lenny Magill Productions which is another review all in itself.

In all, its a great video, and I recommended it to anyone who owns or is contemplating a Ruger 10/22 rifle. Many of these steps can be taken yourself if you’ve got the right tools and expertise. The bolt stop mod is the easiest.

Definitely a buy!


Clark Custom Guns

Called To Be Safe/Lenny Magill Productions