Best Places To Buy 22 LR Ammo

22 LR Ammo

Best Places to Buy .22 LR Ammo

The .22 Long Rifle is inarguably the most popular and most common cartridge in the world. The popularity has made it slightly less available in times of high demand, but it continues to be relatively inexpensive, a plus for hobbyists and competitive shooters. Due to the low recoil and minimal noise it emits when fired, the .22 LR is preferred by varmint hunters and sporting events. It has also become the standard cartridge in international sporting events including the Olympic Games precision Rifle and Pistol shooting, metallic silhouette, bullseye, benchrest shooting, biathlon, and pin shooting.

In addition to being the most popular cartridge, the .22 LR also has the distinction of being the oldest. The self-contained cartridge was first developed in 1845 by Frenchman Louis-Nicolas Flobert. Smith & Wesson retooled the cartridge and released it in 1857 for their First Model. The construction of the .22 LR has changed throughout the decades but continues to maintain its popularity due to its accuracy and diversity. Today there are several versions of .22 LR on the market.

.22 LR loads are divided into four categories:

  • Subsonic. This includes “target” or “match” loads below 1100 fps (feet per second)
  • Standard-velocity: 1120–1135 fps
  • High-velocity: 1200–1310 fps
  • Ultra-velocity/Hyper-velocity: over 1400 feet fps Logo

Buy .22 LR Online

Buying .22 LR ammo online is an easy thing to do given the number of websites devoted to the task. Online ammo review videos and reviews abound, helping, and perhaps hindering, the firearms enthusiast from choosing the best site. When searching for the best online store, we scoured dozens of sites before settling on The decision wasn’t made only because of their great ammo deals or customer service, but because the site is complete in the items and advice it offers. They claim to arm their customers physically and philosophically, educating the public on the Constitution and Second Amendment rights. Referred to as America’s Pro-Freedom Ammo Source, is a steadfast supporter of the right to bear arms. In fact, they are so dedicated to preserving the Constitutional rights of Americans that it offers a forum for discussion as well as the opportunity for customers to choose a cause to support. will donate 1% of the purchase price to an organization of the customer’s choice, found on their Freedom Fighter organizations list. The donation is paid by the site, not the customer. Also included on the site are relevant articles about guns and ammo as well as historical information on flags.

The website states: “Above all, we believe selling quality ammunition is only part of what we do. Our customers choose us for our prices, but they come back for the easy and secure shopping experience, fast shipping, and our efforts to preserve what makes this country unique. Because, like freedom, you can never have too much ammo.”

Other top sites:

  1. Academy Sports – Great prices, free shipping on orders over $25.
  2. Bone Frog Gun Club – Receives excellent reviews. Offers a wide selection and fast shipping.
  3. Buds Gun Shop– Voted as a top site by customers. Offers wide selection and high level service.
  4. Bulk Ammo – Wide selection of bulk ammo including hard to find items.
  5. Cheaper than Dirt – Single box and bulk ammo sales. Marked as a favorite among many of its customers.
  6. Lucky Gunner – Top site offering cheap ammo. Offers great prices on bulk ammo.
  7. Outdoor Limited – Routinely updates in stock items. Fast shipping. Consistently receives excellent reviews.
  8. SGAmmo – Wide selection. Fast shipping times.